About - Rob Clement

Redefining Beauty. Capturing Soul.

Rob Clement


Aim. Breathe. Click. Repeat. This is my mantra, my motto, my way of life.

Image craft’s purpose is to reveal a deeper story so that we may be moved both in vision and in spirit. Revealing that deeper story is my passion and my purpose. Gaining access to this story however requires work, expertise, experience and professionalism.

My intention has always been to celebrate the Beauty of Existence through visual storytelling. This has nothing to do with being model worthy however. Rather, beauty has everything to do with being fully alive in the moment. Beauty is about place, about form, about context. It is about discovering the vitality of a moment or a place. It is about the soul of things.



Over the past twenty years I have worked with numerous non-profit agencies, health and wellness enterprises and large corporations whose mission statements align with my own.

Currently residing in the beautiful state of Colorado, you’ll often find me enjoying the outdoors with my family, exploring roads less traveled and enthusiastically chasing golden hour light.

Through RCVisual, I am telling the story of our planet and the story of our community. I am telling those stories of grace that remind us of our humanity and I’m looking to tell your story too! Camera in hand...Aim. Breathe. Click. Repeat.


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